How To Pass Screening Test In SSB Interview

How To Pass Screening Test In SSB Interview – Tips To Succeed

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The screening is the first stage of SSB Interview, and it is extremely crucial in deciding whether the candidate will move on to the next stage or not. In this article, we will discuss tips on how to get “screened in” in SSB Interview. The appropriate strategy, diligence, and hard effort are necessary to crack the SSB interview. Candidates might improve their chances of passing the SSB interview on their first try by paying attention to the advice provided in this post.

What is SSB Interview and Screening Test in SSB Interview?

The Indian Armed Forces employ a selection procedure called the SSB Interview to find applicants for officer-level positions in the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The first step, the screening test, is intended to weed out unqualified candidates based on their psychological and intellectual profiles.

The screening test, which takes place on the first day of the interview, is the first step in the selection process for SSB interview. 

The Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test and the Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) make up the two components of the screening process. Whereas the PPDT measures a candidate’s capacity to comprehend a picture and clearly articulate their thoughts, the OIR test measures a candidate’s verbal and nonverbal intelligence. SSB interview is not simple but it is achievable with the correct preparation and advice. Check out our latest blog post for tips on SSB interview preparation and how to crack it.

STAGE I - Screening

Understanding the OIR Test

The Officer Intelligence Rating Test evaluates a candidate’s aptitude and critical thinking skills.The OIR test is the first phase of SSB first day. The candidates have to answer 100 questions in total  ,50 questions from each section of a booklet that includes both verbal and nonverbal questions. This examination is used to gauge candidates’ capacity for logical and analytical thought. The questions are easy and based on your reasoning capabilities. 

Tips to score well in OIR Test –

  • Candidates should attempt as many questions as they can as there is no negative marking and they should aim to score above 90%.
  • A practice test is taken by the officer to help the candidates understand the type of questions that will be asked in the main test. The answers to that are given out by the officer after that. The candidates should focus during that so that they can attempt the OIR Test knowing how the questions are patterned.
  • Having a strong presence of mind is really important for the candidates to ace and get that 90+ score.
  • Candidates should have proper time management skills in order to excel in the test as no watches are allowed in the examination.
  • Candidates should try to attempt the easy questions before the hard ones as the time given for the test is at the discretion of the officer in charge and nobody is allowed to question that.

Understanding PPDT in SSB Interview 

The PPDT is a special test that gauges a candidate’s capacity for visual analysis and clear idea expression. A picture is shown for 30 seconds as part of the test, and then you have five minutes to come up with a plot for the picture. The candidate is next needed to engage in a group discussion on the tale.

Applicants must pay close attention and take careful note of every little aspect about the image and its characters, including their mood, age, and behaviours. The narratives submitted by the contenders should relate to the image as well as characterise it.

Candidates are placed in small groups and instructed to sit in a semi-circle infront of three officers, Psychologist, Interviewing Officer and Ground Task Officer for the Discussion Test (DT). Thereafter, each candidate gets to narrate his story in front of the group. The group is then instructed to have a discussion and create a group story using details from each candidate’s story.

How to write a story in PPDT?

The candidates need to mention the following keeping in mind these instructions to write a proper story for PPDT –

  • The total number of characters visible in the image.
  • How many of them are (M, F, P) [P- stands for person when you can’t tell who is who]?
  • Age demographics for each character.
  • Each character’s mood (+,-,0/N) [Neutral is denoted by 0 or N]
  • Draw a circle around the person you have chosen as your hero.
  • Activity and motion.

Tips to clear PPDT Test –

  • Candidates should keep the story short, simple and easily understandable. The story should have a proper background which will show how focused you were in the 30 seconds for which the picture was shown.
  • When the candidates are sitting in the half circle they are not supposed to make eye contact with the officers.
  • When the candidates narrate their story, the Officer-like qualities of Power of expression, team spirit and self-confidence are judged.
  • The candidates should make their hero character close to their personality and the character should be positive. 
  • The candidate should make the main character of the same gender as them. If the same gender character is a negative one then the main character can be of the other gender as morals and integrity are more important.
  • The candidate should not be worried if he could not finish writing his story as he will get a chance to narrate it and present himself.
  • The candidate should write the action part of the story in past tense and the introduction part in present sense.
  • Candidates should not manipulate the story in different directions and deliberately speculate extra characters.
  • Candidates should remember that it is a discussion and not a debate. They should put across their points and not try to contradict one another. If there is a lot of commotion, the candidates should keep quiet which shows maturity on their end.
  • Candidates should keep in mind that they need to have mutual understanding and come up with a story including points from everyone.
  • They should ensure that their personality shows through in the group discussion as the psychologist makes personality maps while observing the candidates.
  • The GTO checks if the candidate is honest about himself and can be trained. So candidates should not lie about themselves.
  • Candidates should not be nervous while narrating their stories.
  • The story of the candidate should not be confusing because if the assessors are confused then they might not be selected.

The screening test results are announced around an hour following the exam. One of these accessors enters the room holding a card to announce the outcome. Candidates who are qualified for the exam are given new chest numbers, and those who are not are sent back the same day by presenting their TAs.

Importance of OIR Mock Test and PPDT Test

For the OIR and PPDT exams, practice tests are essential. They aid applicants in bettering their time management abilities and becoming more accustomed to the SSB screening test questions and answers format. Mock exams can assist candidates in identifying their strengths and limitations, enabling them to concentrate on areas that need improvement.

How to avoid getting Screened Out in SSB Interview

To avoid getting screened out in SSB Interview, candidates should:

  1. Prepare thoroughly for the screening test.
  2. Improve their communication and public speaking skills.
  3. Develop leadership and team-building skills.
  4. Focus on time management during the tests.
  5. Stay calm and composed during the tests.

Conclusion – Key Takeaways for Passing the Screening Test in SSB Interview

In conclusion, the screening test including OIR and PPDT test is a crucial stage in the SSB Interview, and it determines whether candidates move on to the main test. To pass the screening test, candidates should prepare thoroughly, improve their communication and public speaking skills, and develop leadership and team-building skills. Additionally, time management is crucial during the tests, and candidates should stay calm and composed. By following these tips, candidates can increase their chances of passing the screening test and achieving their dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces.

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