Indian Army Agniveer Preparation Tips

Indian Army Agniveer Preparation Tips

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Introduction to Indian Army Agniveer Preparation Tips

For ages, the Indian Army has served as a representation of bravery and honor. For individuals who are ready to serve the country, it offers one of the best employment opportunities in the world and one of the biggest armies. The security of the nation’s borders is the responsibility of the Indian Army. Because of its extreme specialization, it necessitates extensive training and preparation. We’ll concentrate mostly on preparation advice for various posts in the Indian Army as Agniveer in this article.

Indian Army Agniveer

Age Requirement for Indian Army Agniveer

The minimum age requirement to be recruited in the Indian Army as an Agniveer is 17.5 years and the maximum is 21 years.

Posts for which Agniveers are Eligible

  • Agniveer (General Duty) (All Arms)
  • Agniveer (Tech) (All Arms)
  • Agniveer Clerk / Store Keeper Technical (All Arms)
  • Tradesmen (All Arms) 10th pass
  • Agniveer Tradesmen (All Arms) 8th pass 
  • Agniveer Women in Corps of Military Police

Indian Army Agniveer Selection Process 

For 2023, the Indian Army Agniveer selection process has been changed. Check detailed Indian Army Agniveer Selection Process

Phase 1 : Common Entrance Exam

The first step to becoming an Agniveer is the Common Entrance Exam. The exam pattern is as follows –

  • The online exam will consist of multiple-choice, objective questions (MCQ). The candidates will have to respond to 50 questions in one hour or 100 questions in two hours depending on the type of application.
  • Every right response receives a full point.
  • Questions that are not attempted will not receive any points.
  • Any incorrect answer that is attempted will result in a 25% score deduction.
  • Even though a question is designated for review, it will still be evaluated if it is attempted.
  • To accommodate for variations in the complexity of the question paper across different sessions, the marks earned by candidates in the Online CEE will be normalised.

Exam Pattern for Agniveer (General Duty) (All Arms)

General Knowledge1530NCC ‘C’ Cert holders are exempted
General Science2040
Logical Reasoning510

Exam Pattern for Agniveer (Tech) and (Aviation & Ammunition Examiner)

General Knowledge1020

Exam Pattern for Agniveer Clerk / Store Keeper Technical (SKT) (All Arms)

General Knowledge520
General Science520
Computer Science520
General English25100

Exam Pattern for Agniveer Tradesmen (All Arms)10th pass & 8th Pass

General Knowledge1530NCC ‘C’ Cert holders are exempted
Logical Reasoning510
General Science1530

Tips to clear the exams and become an Indian Army Agniveer

  • You should be well versed with the syllabus and cover all the topics.
  • Highlight important points and write them down in a separate notebook for better memorization.
  • Create an achievable revision strategy to clear the examination.
  • Practice previous year’s questions of your chosen post in Indian Army Agniveer.
  • You can jot down the most important topics by analyzing the question papers and focus on those during your preparation.
  • Take as many mock tests and practice tests as possible to improve your time management skills as it is an important part of passing the exam.
  • Candidates should sharpen their general knowledge about current affairs, India’s GDP, financial updates, government schemes, and the ongoing international tension between India and other countries.
  • Candidates attempting General Science should have the basic knowledge of subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • Candidates having Maths should solve sums as per the syllabus on a regular basis.
  • Candidates should give focused attention to honing their reasoning skills which will help them score well in the Logical Reasoning portion.
  • Candidates having computer science should have basic knowledge about the working of the computer and should know about MS Word, MS Excel and MS Power Point.
  • Candidates should also practice grammar for General English (given that it is a part of their exam).
  • Do not be late for CEE or absent for result declaration. The result will not be disclosed to anyone else on your behalf.

Phase 2 : Recruitment Rally

The next phase to becoming an Indian Army Agniveer is the Recruitment Rally. Candidates who pass the Common Entrance Test qualify for this stage. 

The tests held are –

  • Physical Fitness Test (At Rally Site)

1.6 Km Run
GroupTimeMarks awarded
Group – IUp till 5 Min 30
Group– II5 Min 31 Sec to
5 Min 45 Secs
Beams/Pull ups
Number of Pull upsMarks awarded
  • A 9 feet ditch test will be conducted.
  • A zigzag balance will be the last test.
  • Physical Measurement (At Rally Site)

The candidates are measured at the rally site to make sure that their measurements are as per the standard requirements.

  • Medical Test

The basic medical tests are done to check whether the candidate is in his prime health.

Preparation Tips for Physical Fitness Test for Indian Army Agniveer

  • Start practising for the 1.6 km run 2-3 months in advance to perfectly do it.
  • Stay healthy and take a proper diet to not get lethargic during the test.
  • Practice doing pull-ups every day to be able to score full in it.
  • Do balancing excerices.
  • Do not approach anybody other than Recruitment Office Staff for clarification regarding recruitment.

Preparation Tips for Medical Test for Indian Army Agniveer

  • Have a good balanced diet to not spike your sugar levels.
  • Drink loads of water to keep the body hydrated and the kidneys healthy.
  • Do not be late for medical review to the nominated Military Hospital.
  • Do not come to rally with major medical ailments/ injuries or if operated upon recently and wounds not yet healed.


In conclusion, for individuals who are eager to serve their country and guard its borders, becoming an Indian Army Agniveer is a fantastic career choice. It provides rigorous training, a competitive income and benefits package, and chances for adventure and travel. It is a demanding career that needs both physical and mental fitness, though. Those who are prepared to work hard and dedicate themselves might have a successful and gratifying career as an Indian Army Agniveer.

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