Indian Airforce Agniveer Vayu Preparation

Indian Airforce Agniveer Vayu Preparation Tips

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Introduction – Indian Airforce Agniveer Vayu Preparation

Agniveer Vayu, a new recruitment policy that the Indian Air Force (IAF) just unveiled. Applicants accepted under this programme are referred to as Agniveers. Once registered in the Indian Air Force, these Agniveers will be subject to the Air Force Act 1950 for a four-year period. Agniveers constitute a unique rank in the IAF, distinct from any other rank already in use. 

In this article, we are going to share Agniveer Vayu preparation tips. Check out the blog post to get complete information about How to Join Indian Air Force After12th

Eligibility Criteria for Agniveer Vayu

Entry Route Educational Qualification
Agniveer Vayu

(X Group)


Minimum 50% marks in Mathematics, Physics, and English, as well as 50% in English, are required for the intermediate 10+2 course.


A 3-Year Engineering Diploma (Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Automotive, Computer Science, Instrumentation Technology, Information Technology) with a minimum of 50% overall and 50% in English. OR

 A 2-year degree programme in a non-vocational subject like math and physics from a board that is recognised, with a minimum overall grade point average of 50% and a minimum English score of 50%.


Agniveer Vayu

(Y Group)

(Non Technical)

Intermediate 10+2 with a minimum of 50% overall and 50% in English. OR 

A two-year vocational programme with at least a 50% overall average and 50% in English.

The Agniveer Air Force age limit 2023 is 17.5 years to 21 years.

Agniveer Air Force for Female

Women are encouraged to join the Agniveer Vayu by the Indian Air Force. Applying for the Agniveer Vayu branch is open to women who meet the eligibility requirements and physical standards listed in the official website. Women are trained to the same standards and given the same opportunities as males.

Indian Air Force Agniveer Vayu Online Registration 2023

To apply online for the Agniveer Air Force Vayu Recruitment 2023, all applicants must complete the steps listed below in the same order –

  • To apply online for the Indian Air Force Agniveer Vayu Recruitment 2023, first visit the official website at
  • Secondly, on the home page, select the Indian Air Force Recruitment 2023 link that is blinking in the area with the new notifications.
  • Third, submit all of your personal information before attaching any required files, including your signature, photo, and a scanned copy of the original DMCs.
  • After that, enter your information and lock your profile.
  • Then, you must pay the application cost assessed by the hiring committee for the particular category you are applying for.
  • Last but not least, you need to download the registration form and store it for later use.

Agniveer Vayu Recruitment Process – Stages and Selection Procedure

The recruitment process for the Agniveer Vayu branch of the Indian Air Force is a multi-stage process. The stages are –

Phase 1 – Online written exam

Applicants who meet the requirements for Indian Air Force Agniveer eligibility will receive an invitation to take an online test as part of the first step of the selection process. This round will take place at the allocated locations across the nation.

  • The test will be administered in both Hindi and English.
  • The exam for the Indian Air Force Agniveer will consist of questions only of an objective nature.
  • It has been announced that the scoring system will award 1 mark for a correct response and 0.25 for a wrong response.

Agniveer Vayu Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Indian Air Force Agniveer Exam Pattern 2023
Name of the Group Subjects No. of Questions Total Marks Exam Duration
Science English 20  70 60 minutes
Mathematics 25 
Physics 25
Other than Science Reasoning & General Awareness 30 50 45 minutes
English 20
Science & Other than Science Mathematics 25 100 85 minutes
English 20
Reasoning & General Awareness 30
Physics 25

Agniveer Vayu Preparation for Written Exam

  • The syllabus must be familiar to the candidates. They ought to list the subjects in which they excel and where they fall short for the Agniveer Vayu preparation.
  • Candidates should review the exam pattern to understand more about the subjects covered, the quantity of questions, the overall score, and the length of the exam.
  • They must create a schedule and divide the study time equally among the sections.
  • Spend some time focusing on the weak issues, and make as many revisions as you can.
  • To get a sense of the kinds of questions asked in earlier tests, they must complete the prior year’s paper.
  • Candidates should take practise exams frequently to increase their accuracy and speed when answering questions.

Phase 2 – PFT+Document Verification + Adaptability Test

IAF Agniveer Recruitment Physical Fitness Test

Events Parameters
1.6 Km run  06 minutes 30 seconds
10 Push-ups within the stipulated time to qualify for the PFT
10 Sit-ups 
20 Squats
  • To execute the 1.6 km run flawlessly, begin training for it two to three months in advance.
  • Maintain good health and eat a balanced meal to avoid being lethargic before the test.
  • To achieve a full score, practice push-ups every day.
  • Practice balancing exercises.
  • Practice squats everyday.
  • Maintain a healthy workout routine.
  • If you need further information on recruitment, contact the staff at the recruitment office only.
  • The Adaptability Test-I (objective type written test) is required of all candidates who pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT). Its purpose is to determine whether a candidate is qualified to work for the Indian Air Force (IAF), which requires them to deployed in a variety of geographic terrain, weather, and operational conditions.
  • Adaptability Test-II: According to current policy, all candidates who pass Adaptability Test-I have to take Adaptability Test-II. The purpose of the Adaptability Test-II is to identify applicants who can adapt to the Indian Air Force’s environment and can live a military lifestyle.

Tips to pass the Adaptability Test 

  • Keep an open mind as the questions are real life based on situational ones. They are pretty easy to answer.
  • The candidates should comprehend the marking criteria well and give logical answers.
  • As the questions are in form of situations, the answers should be in form of reactions.
  • Be honest about yourself.
  • Improve your time management skills.

Phase 3 – Medical Verification

Hearing Should have normal hearing i.e. the candidate should be able to hear forced whisper from a distance of 6 meters by each ear separately.
Vision (a) Visual Standards as applicable for IAF
(b) Corneal surgery (PRK/LASIK) is not acceptable.
Dental Should have healthy gums, a good set of teeth and a minimum 14 dental points.
General Health The candidate should be of normal anatomy without loss of any appendages. The candidate should be free from any active or latent, acute or chronic, medical or surgical disability or communicable diseases, infection, and skin ailments. Candidate shall be physically and mentally FIT to perform duty in any part of the world, in any climate and terrain.

Tips to clear Medical Verification

  • Have a good balanced diet to not spike your sugar levels.
  • Drink loads of water to keep the body hydrated and the kidneys healthy.
  • Maintain good dental hygiene.
  • Do not get PRK/LASIK surgeries done.
  • Prepare yourself mentally and physically

Agneepath Vayu CDAC – An important aspect of Agniveer Vayu Preparation

Agneepath Vayu CDAC is a training course created to aid applicants in getting ready for the Agniveer Vayu exam. All of the topics on the test syllabus are covered in the training course. The instructors for the training course are professionals with relevant experience.

Conclusion – Preparing for Indian Airforce Agniveer Vayu

Agniveer Vayu Preparation requires dedication and hard work. Candidates should focus on understanding the syllabus and exam pattern and should practice previous year question papers. Candidates should also improve their English language skills and general awareness. Physical fitness is also an important aspect of the recruitment process, and candidates should focus on improving their fitness levels. With the right preparation and dedication, candidates can crack the Agniveer Vayu exam and join the prestigious Indian Air Force.

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