Word Association Test in SSB Interview

Tips for Word Association Test in SSB Interview

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The SSB interview consists of many tests and interviews in its 5 days selection process. Many candidates dream to join the Indian Armed Forces but only few get the chance to serve the nation with a uniform. The reason behind it is its rigorous selection process. So, it is very important for the candidates to be prepared before going to the SSB center.

Similarly, the Word Association Test is also a part of the SSB interview test. This test is conducted to check the officers-like qualities in a candidate. This test is completely based on your mental strength. So, in this article you will get a few tips on how to prepare yourself for the Word Association Test in the SSB Interview.

What is the Word Association Test?

The Word Association Test is a part of a psychology test which is mostly conducted on the second day of the SSB interview. The motto behind organizing this test is to analyze the mental ability, thinking process and personality of a candidate. Through this test psychologists examine nature, real behavior and how candidates respond to the words shown to them.

Basically, in the WAT 60 words are shown to the candidates one by one for 15 seconds each. It is a very useful tool in order to understand the traits of a candidate. So, candidates have to write about all these 60 words one by one within the given time. Moreover, candidates must try to attempt at least 45 or more words during the test.

Tips for WAT in SSB Interview

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for the word association test in the SSB Interview.

1.Be real

When you appear for the WAT always focus on writing whatever comes in your mind immediately after seeing the word and avoid over thinking and then framing the sentence, because it is a test to check your personality and not a test of language. Therefore, instead of wasting time in overthinking, quickly write about the word. As it will reflect your real personality and whether you have officers-like qualities or not in front of the psychologist.

2. Do practice

Practice for WAT as much as you can, before you appear for the SSB. Make a regular habit of seeing new words and immediately write about those words. This will improve your thinking power and speed up your handwriting. As WAT is a time-oriented test and candidates are asked to complete this test within the time duration. You can also do practice from previous years practice sets, these sets are available on the official website of SSB.

3. Be aware about words

Candidates must be aware about the selection of words done by the SSB for WAT. Mostly words shown to the candidates are related to officers-like qualities. But you should know about the pattern of words given in the test. Basically, words can be of two types- firstly words can be knowledge based such as, utensils, monitor, satellite, jewelry etc. these words are given to check the knowledge skills of a candidate. Whereas, secondly words can be based on the qualities and traits such as. Courage, positivity, nervousness, passion etc. therefore, candidates must practice as many words as they can, so that they do not waste their time in thinking about that word during the test. Remember not to connect words with the defense sector, just write whatever you feel after seeing the word.

4. Write short and meaningful sentence

Candidates should understand that TAT is a personality test, which is conducted to bring out the real personality of a candidate in front of the officers and psychologist. So, the sentence you write after seeing the word must be meaningful and sensible. Do not bluff or write any inappropriate thing related to the word. Try to write short and crispy sentences instead of writing paragraphs, remember you will not get extra time so try to save your time by writing short sentences. Avoid using imaginary responses on words, write real and practical points related to the word.

5. Handwriting should be neat

During the TAT your writing should be neat and clean and sentences must be free from grammatical errors. The SSB interview is all about putting candidates under pressure so you should not panic in any situation. Be calm and composed and try to save your time by writing short sentences. Moreover, practice writing sentences as much as you can. As this will increase your writing speed and you will be able to write in neat handwriting during the test.

6. Be creative

Candidates must frame creative sentences during the WAT. Remember, when a word is shown to you on the screen, immediately record the first thing that comes to your mind. As that will be the original thought related to the word. So, just write your thoughts in a creative and unique manner, in order to stand different from the crowd.

7. Avoid negative words

The WAT is a personality test of a candidate, so try to write positive sentences and avoid writing negative words. For suppose if you get a negative word during the test, then mold it into positivity. Remember, your sentences will represent your personality and if your personality doesn’t meet with officers-like qualities you will be disqualified. Therefore, once you apply for the SSB interview stay away from negativity, avoid watching negative series and stop reading books or quotations based on negativity. Keep yourself motivated and positive.

8. Time management

If a candidate understands the value of time and learns to manage it will win the half race of the SSB Interview. As time management plays a very crucial role in the SSB. All the tests and tasks are performed under the specific time duration and candidates have to complete them in the time. Therefore, before appearing for the SSB, set your time and practice each test accordingly.

9. Positive outlook

Being positive throughout your SSB Interview will lead you towards success. A positive mind can face any challenges and deal with tough situations. WAT is a test that examines the traits of a candidate, so try to express your positive attitude with the feeling of dedication.


These are the few tips that will help candidates to perform well in the word association test. So, follow these tips and succeed.

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