What is SRT for SSB interview

What is SRT for SSB interview? How to Do Well in Situation Reaction Test (SRT) of SSB

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Situation Reaction Test, is a psychometric instrument utilized in the selection of Service Selection Board Interview, which is led to choose possibilities for the Indian Military. SRT is one of the mental tests conducted during SSB interviews to evaluate an up-and-comer’s manner of thinking, critical thinking skills and how he handles different circumstances.

What is a Situation Reaction Test for SSB Interview?

The SRT comprises a progression of 60 speculative circumstances, each depicted in one line or a couple of lines, and requires the contender to give their quick reaction or response to the given situations. These situations are crafted to test the candidates’ reaction to the given situation, those are experienced during the service in the armed forces. For example, dealing with pressure, dynamics in emergency situations, authority and taking care of crises.

SRT is conducted on the second day of SSB interview and its timing is fixed. The competitor is offered 30 minutes to peruse and respond to every one of the 60 circumstances. The circumstances introduced in SRT are exceptionally assorted, and they can go from basic ordinary situations to additional mind-boggling circumstances.

How to do Well in a Situation Reaction Test?

You go through different situations in your regular routine. You respond to them subliminally, yet deliberately utilizing every one of your faculties. Your activity and response are the consequence of your perspective, previous encounters, information and abilities you have and above all the different convictions you have created and supported up to this point. This large number of perspectives together characterize what your identity is and how you will react in a given situation? So, here are some tips to do well in a Situation Reaction Test.

  1. Think about simple and clear tasks.
  2. Utilize short length catchphrases to answer to the status as it saves time.
  1. For the most part the reaction relies upon the ability and limit of the person.
  1. Keep your reactions as brief as could be expected however don’t think twice about quality.
  1. Try not to abandon what is happening. Leaving any inquiry in the paper shows your absence of definitive capacity.
  1. Candidates are supposed to answer a wide range of situations.
  1. Try not to compose answers like- I will determine what is going on, I will figure out the issue, or plan activity as required and so forth.
  1. Try not to compose a response on the off chance that you don’t figure out the circumstance or have no information on the circumstance to try not to give an off-base reaction.
  1. if the boys and girls are involved in the given situation, act carefully and smartly.
  1. Short and brief responses will save time. Dubious responses are not attractive.
  1. Sometimes, the same situation is asked plenty of times in different forms, so don’t get confused.
  1. Remember that timing is of the quintessence, so be extremely quick in writing your reactions.

Situation Reaction Test Question and Answer for SSB

1While on leave the candidate heard on radio about the declaration of war?Quickly reaches out to the unit, takes the train, arrives at his regimental central command and plays out his best in the conflict.
2In the field region, a candidate is facing a manpower issue and one of the jawans asks for leave telling a false reason.Candidate should research the matter, assuming the reason of the jawan is real or fake, and make a disciplinary move against the individual.
3While getting back from excursion, it begins getting dim and the candidate has gotten lost.Attempts to actually take a look at his area with the help of local people/ kaleidoscopic compass and attempts to re-find bearing and join the gathering.
4At the point when the candidate’s supervisor disagrees with his perspectives.Survey his thoughts more judicially and offer additional persuading responses to satisfy him.
5Candidate buckles down in light of the fact that..?Trusts in zero blunder condition, supported exertion and outcome in any field of work.
6What is the most important thing on the planet?Foster proficient capability, genuineness, dedication, trustworthiness and supported exertion.
7Candidate gets an order from the Commanding Officer to accomplish specific work, yet he feels that the CO's methodology is off-base.Candidate will finishes the given task and attempts to convey his perspective cordially whenever considered.
8While going in a train, a candidate came to realize that somebody had picked his pocket.Attempt to caution individuals, complete an unexpected check of individuals and do a FIR with the police boarding down the train.
9Because of monetary troubles, candidate parents find it hard to give him further education.Do a part time job during the day, proceed with his education classes in evening, give monetary help to his parents and work towards his expert capability all the while.
10Candidates companion lost his employment and into monetary hardships.Helps his companion actually surprisingly well by giving monetary help and helping him in getting a new job.


The motive behind conducting Situation Reaction Test is to evaluate how a candidate can deal with the issue of day-to- day existence. The most well-known approach to dealing with the issue should be the favorable aftereffect of your personality. Your ability to deal with the issue of the regular day to day existence is tracked down in your approach to acting and in the nature of your commitment which transforms into the penchant and a piece of your approach to acting which is being surveyed.

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