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Secret of Success in Personal Interview at SSB

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The personal interview is an integral part of the Service Selection Board selection process. As it is intended to assess the personality, intelligence, and suitability of candidates for establishing a career in the armed forces. To succeed in the personal interview and increase your chances of selection, it is necessary to comprehend the key angles that SSB assessors search for.  

An interview is a straightforward procedure in which two or more individuals engage to determine if one assessor is looking for specific features in the other individual, who in the case of the SSB process is the interviewee and the aspirant. Before choosing someone to join the armed forces every time this kind of testing is conducted. PI is a tried-and-true technique that evaluates applicants based on their knowledge, communication, and confidence.  

What does PIQ mean in a Personal Interview? 

  • Personal information questionnaire consists of the entire development history of an individual. It is a comprehensive assessment of your achievements, assets, status, education, extracurricular pursuits, and skills.  
  • Remember, that your current situation has shaped who you are now. Therefore, it is important that you should share truthful information. 
  • You should try not to exaggerate your achievements, especially when it comes to co and extracurricular activities. It’s also a good idea to keep quiet about anything that you believe casts you in a negative light. Hence, an accurate PIQ only helps to provide a realistic image of the rising talent. 

How to Crack Personal Interview in SSB: 

There are a number of additional factors that affect Personal Interview in SSB. If these factors are addressed, great things may result. 

1.Self-awareness: Most importantly, it is extremely basic to have a profound figuring out about what is your identity. Knowing your assets, shortcomings, values, and wants is a significant part of personal interview. Candidates’ mindfulness will be assessed by SSB assessors, so you’re your time to think on your experience, abilities, and attributes. Knowing your career goals and the reasons behind your desire to enlist in the military is also essential.

2. Preparation: Being completely ready is significant to performing great in personal interview. One ought to do research and procurement of information on different subjects, for example, recent developments, public and foreign relations, security-related issues, and the military. Keep awake to date on the most recent news and progression. Think about your encounters that exhibit your fitness, drive, and decisive reasoning in a scholar, expert, and individual setting.

3. Favourable Nonverbal communication: Keep a created and energetic disposition during the gathering. Really try to keep in touch, take on a decent stance, and offer your entire consideration. Avoid wriggling, folding your arms, or displaying some other indications of dread. Certainty, accentuation, and a dazzling smile all assume a critical part in establishing a connection that endures.

4. Strong Communication: The singular gathering areas of strength for requires persuading relationship abilities. Work on talking plainly, utilizing proper phrasing, and keeping away from superfluous words. Practise speaking clearly, using appropriate terminology, and avoiding unnecessary words. Recognise your voice tone, loudness, and nonverbal cues. Effectively listen to the interviewer and thoughtfully respond to their questions.

5.Respectability and Trustworthiness: SSB assessors value respectability and trustworthiness. While answering, be honest and try not to manufacture or distorting information. When addressed, own up to your impediments and slip-ups, yet in addition give a few experiences into how you defeated them to improve personally. Be true while investigating moral, moral, or individual quandaries.

6. Good Approach: Finding some kind of harmony among certainty and humility is basic. Convey your capacities and triumphs without keeping down, yet in addition be unassuming and aware of others’ liabilities. Energize coordinated effort, sympathy, and thought for the assessments of others.

7. Clarity of Direction: SSB assessors analyse candidates’ commitment to a lifetime in the military and their level of responsibility. Demonstrate a clear understanding of the challenges, responsibilities, and rewards associated with serving in the powers. Emphasise your drive, motivation, and dedication to strengthening the nation’s defences.

8. Practice and Mock Interview: The progress of the individual relies upon how much practice. Mock interviews can assist with reproducing the genuine gathering experience and give criticism on regions that require improvement. Practice with friends and family, companions, or teachers who might help you in working on your responses, nonverbal signs, and generally speaking attitude.

Requirement for SSB 

An SSB interviewee is not expected to be exceptionally brilliant or well-rounded. Indeed, his required qualifications include average intellect combined with a well-rounded set of objective, subject, and general knowledge, self-assurance, and mental awareness. 

The SSB is seeking an individual who, with the right training, might become a well-rounded and knowledgeable gentleman. 

When is a Personal Interview conducted? 

The personal interview is conducted on the fourth day, as well as on the 5th day. Candidates have to complete their GTO round and then a personal interview is conducted. The candidates are given specific time slots for their personal interviews. They are required to report to the designated venue on time. The candidates are expected to be dressed formally for the personal interview. The interviewing officer asks plenty of questions to assess the candidate’s knowledge, confidence, integrity, decision-making abilities, and personal values. 


Remember that the one-on-one encounter is intended to assess your suitability for a lifetime in the armed forces. It is therefore imperative that you effectively communicate your values, goals, and assets. By using these exclusive tips during the one-on-one meeting, you may increase your chances of doing well and ultimately getting selected for the SSB cycle, which leads to military service.

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