How to Prepare for Psychology Test in SSB Interview

How to Prepare for Psychology Test in SSB Interview

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SSB Interview is not similar to other interviews which require scholarly information. SSB Interview is more similar to a conduct evaluation test that surveys your personality. SSB Interview includes different sorts of undertakings which can be scarcely performed without proficient direction. It is more like a behavioral assessment test that reveals your real personality. So, here you will come across the details about psychological tests and what is the process to perform well in Psychological Tests in SSB interviews.

What is the Psychology Test in SSB Interview?

The personality appraisal led in SSB depends on the science of psychology. It is not at all like the actual sciences we know, but it is the test of your brain and how you respond to a given situation. The series of brain science tests directed in SSB depends on projective procedure. Basically, a psychological test is a standardized measure of a sample of any person’s behaviour that is used to measure the individual differences that exist among people. Moreover, a psychological test is a systematic procedure of observing a person’s behaviour or performance. The four psychology test conducted in SSB are as follows-

  1. 1.Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)
  2. Word Association Test (WAT)
  3. Situation Reaction Test (SRT)
  4. Self-Description Test (SDT)

1.Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

  • In this test you will be shown 11 black and white pictures and the twelfth slide will be blank. Each image will show up for only 30 seconds and afterward vanish. You will get 4 minutes to compose a story in light of that image. After 4 minutes, another image will show up for 30 seconds and a similar cycle will be followed till the last slide. The Thematic Apperception Test is intended to test the thoughts and imagination.
  • A few pictures in TAT show issues that require prompt solutions like mishaps, fire, robbery, suffocating and so on. The degree of creative mind in such pictures is restricted and most applicants are supposed to tackle the issue displayed with slight varieties in how they might interpret what is going on, direness, needs and awareness of certain expectations. A few pictures show that everything looks great by any means. Such photographs give a ton of degree to the creative mind.
  • In the blank photograph, candidates will compose completely based on their creative mind since there is nothing by any means to direct their contemplations. Individual stories will normally fluctuate the best and will be the most perfect impression of a singular’s creative mind.
  • Blank photography is to get a reaction dependent absolutely upon a person’s creative mind. Candidates ought to determine the issues portrayed in the photos portraying issues according to address needs. So, try not to compose pre-arranged stories because the assessors will be able to easily recognise it and it will create the wrong impact on them.
  • Use the creative mind well to compose significant stories in the photographs offering a more prominent degree for the creative mind, including the blank photograph. Focus more on the pictures and write real and practical stories.

2- Word Association Test (WAT)

  • You will be shown 60 words one after the other and each word will stay on the screen for 15 seconds. In 15 seconds you are expected to create a sentence which strikes a chord first subsequent to perusing that word.
  • Similarly, you need to compose 60 sentences without taking a pause. Only the unconstrained and boost-based reaction is reliable with the character of the candidates. Then the psychologist will analyze the complete responses to build a comprehensive and reliable character of the person.

3- Situation Reaction Test (SRT)

  • You will get a booklet with 60 circumstances composed on it. You are expected to write your reactions in view of those 60 circumstances. Time allocated will be 30 min. These are genuine to life situations, which you might experience in your everyday life. These are given in a booklet, as proclamations which you need to finish by giving suitable responses.
  • Due to lack of time you will write genuine responses about what is happening in day-to-day life. Candidate must answer spontaneously by putting him/her in that situation.
  • The main character in the circumstances ought to be a pioneer, who ought to attempt to determine the issues proactively to improve everybody and not depend on things to happen automatically.

4- Self-Description Test (SDT)

  • You are expected to compose an assessment of you from your parents, friends, educators and yourself, and things which you want to develop in future. Time dispensed will be 15 min. The Self-Depiction involves asking the candidate to write about what his/her near and dear ones think about them.
  1. Parents
  2. Teacher
  3. Friends
  4. Yourself
  • Candidate is expected to record his/her own viewpoint about what individuals referenced in every one of the above classifications think about him/her. Both the good parts of his/her character and the regions that he/she feels should be improved are expected to be referenced in three to four lines for every category. Still there should be more positive points in comparison with negative points.
  • As, it shows that you have not made an enough move to work on yourself, regardless of monitoring your shortcomings.

Tips for SSB Psychological Test

SSB Psychology Tests are crucial tests that require active and careful practice. Just through these tests, analysts will evaluate the reasoning, manner of thinking, and decision-production of candidates. Here, you will get few tips about how to perform well in the SSB Psychology Test.

  1. Try to be realistic

Candidates ought to understand that Psychology Tests are conducted to survey their character. Therefore, it is necessary for the candidates to be realistic and genuine. Moreover, try not to attempt to depict somebody else, as the assessors will easily distinguish irregularities in your behaviour.

  1. Do practice for Psychology Tests

It is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to succeed in psychology tests without appropriate practice. By practicing   many practice sets, candidates will be able to perform well in SSB. Appropriate practice will help you in fostering a portion of the key characteristics which are expected for the SSB Interview, for example, administration, collaboration, navigation, trustworthiness, and versatility.

  1. Be positive

It is vital to keep a positive mentality for psychology tests in the SSB Interview. Because, there will be many negative situations, so if you don’t keep a positive mentality, you won’t be able to write positive reactions for those situations. Moving toward the tests with an uplifting outlook and trust in your abilities is vital. Have confidence in yourself and your capability to succeed. Keep a completely relaxed disposition, even in testing situations.

  1. Try not to write pre-arranged reactions

If you write pre-arranged reactions in the SSB psychology Tests, your creativity will be lost. Thus, it will be better if candidates write realistic ideas which come to their mind after seeing an image, word, circumstance, or question. Writing unique reactions will also help psychologists in assessing your character.

  1. Acknowledge the format

Dive more deeply into the formation of psychology tests. Counsel past test takers, concentrate on materials, or experienced experts to assemble data about what’s in store.

  1. Keep complete information about test

Research the characteristics and qualities that the SSB psychology test expects to assess, for example, initiative potential, relational abilities, critical thinking skills, and fitness for teamwork. This understanding will assist you with adjusting your way of behaving and reactions.


The Psychology Test is conducted on the second day of the 5-day testing plan that happens at the SSB. These tests depend on extremely logical techniques of evaluating the personality of a candidate, at his/her psyche level and the non-cognizant perspective. The tests are expected to be written in the given time. So, that candidate can not hide his/her real emotions and can reveal original personality in front of the psychologist.


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