7 Tips to Perform Better in PPDT for SSB

7 Tips to Perform Better in PPDT for SSB

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On the very first day of the Service Selection Board Interview candidates who have assembled from all over the country have to go through the screening tests procedure. Under screening, two rounds of tests are conducted one is Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) and another is Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test. Candidates who have cleared both the tests might have the option to remain there for the next 5 days. The screening test is supposed to be extremely lengthy and tough, so candidates need to be prepared for upcoming challenges.

What is Picture Perception and Description Test (PPDT) in SSB?

  • In picture perception and description test candidate will be shown some random picture on which candidate need to compose a story in a concise measure of time and then he/she have to participate in a group discussion with other candidates and discuss story created by them, and then candidates have to decide whose story was the best one.
  • In PPDT a candidate’s story capacity is put under test alongside his/her correspondence expertise, in fact it does not make any difference in what language the candidate is narrating. However, it is recommended to adhere to English. A candidate needs to show the properties of a proficient speaker in a group.
  • During PPDT, a round bit blurred picture is displayed to the candidates for around 30 seconds and they have to write down the details that they have noticed in the image within the time duration of one minute. As, it will help them in portraying the story.

7 Tips to crack PPDT for SSB

  1. You are given 30 seconds to see an image. Hence, utilise this opportunity to make your story and hero survive for long in a positive way.
  2. Create a catchy and unique title for your story. Try to generate a title which can easily show the glimpse of your story. So, plan the title cautiously.
  3. While fabricating a story from the given picture, you focus on creating a character of hero and heroine that will last till the end of your story.
  4. The main thing in writing a story is where it is expected that the candidate will describe each and every character, emotion, situation in a realistic way. Such as number of characters in the story, their gender, age, mood, past, present situation, future and ending of the story.
  5. While writing the story keep it short, significant and clear, with the motive of covering past, present and future of the story.
  6. Try not to compose retained stories or consistently relate it to defence. So, focus on being realistic.
  7. Practice as much as you can with the practice sets so that you don’t make any mistakes.


Candidates should rehearse the practice sets of PPDT thoroughly.  This would likewise broaden your frame of reference of creative mind and viewpoint. Rehearsing will improve your speed and proficiency during the genuine test and will assist you with portraying a special, fascinating and fruitful story before other candidates.


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