Tips to Help You Impress Your SSB Interviewing Officer

Tips to Help You Impress Your SSB Interviewing Officer

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Personal interview in SSB is a critical element and a unique advantage for the candidates. Most of the candidates take Personal interviews for granted and do not pay much seriousness towards it. However, it is not necessary to accomplish something remarkable and extra endeavors, still, there are few tips which each candidate should learn while getting interviewed by an officer.

Getting nervous before an interview is very common and the uneasiness candidates go through is exceptionally normal. It occurs with the vast majority of us regardless of whether we realize we are capable of a specific task. Meeting an Interviewing Officer and discussing yourself, being assessed and judged by him can develop nervousness in you.

Here candidates will learn a few tips about how to impress their interviewing officer. But before that let us initially comprehend the personal interview process.

 What is a Personal Interview in SSB?

 Personal Interview is one of the significant trials of SSB interviews. Interviewing officer of the SSB board will take the interview of all the candidates. Mostly, the personal interview trial of SSB is conducted during afternoon hours and interview is probably conducted on the third or fourth day of SSB interviews.

During the interview interviewing officers will pose numerous inquiries to determine the Official Like qualities of a candidate. Such as, he will ask questions related to family background, leisure activities, your achievements, and educational details. So, all the candidates need to remember all essential details of their Personal Information Questionnaire. Therefore, PIQ questions are asked by the officer to check whether the candidate has provided all the information accurately or not.

Tips to Impress SSB Interviewing Officer

Wishing Suitably

Instructions to welcome somebody is the principal thing that we learn while learning another dialect. Whenever you have gone into the room, wishing the officer in a proper manner is necessary.

Confidently Handshake

Whenever you meet with an interviewing officer offer a confident handshake, that is an effective method for exhibiting your certainty and get the meeting going on the right note.

Positive Impression

We all are aware about this quote- ‘The first impression is the last impression’. This quote perfectly matches with the situation of SSB candidates. It is actually the situation when you are going for the interview. Your entrance into the room ought to be flawless. The officer will keep an eye on all activities even while you are going into the room and right till you walk and sit down.

Body Language

The officer will watch every gesture of candidates like- how you enter and approach your seat and sit down. Body language incorporates your looks, and hand movement that you use for nonverbal communication with your officer.

Eye to Eye connection

Keeping in touch all through an interview is an important part of non-verbal communication. Candidates should make eye contact throughout the interview because it should not seem to be a gaze. Keep a slight grinning face while keeping in touch. This will help you in building a good effect on officers.

Remain Positive

While going through the whole process regardless of whether you made any mistake or your performance was not up to the mark, you should not panic or think negatively. Try not to allow yourself to consider a lot on that one misstep but instead focus on going better in the rest of the task.


Doing deep research before participating in the interview is very necessary. Candidates should work on PIQ structure, general inquiries connected with schooling, family, companions, side interests, and so forth. Current issues, subjects including the country and the world. Remember to read up for the specialized inquiries connected with your streams.

English Communitarian Abilities

Your relational abilities assume a significant part in characterizing your character. Regardless of whether you get stuck while communicating, do not get nervous or panic. This is a very natural thing, so build your confidence and talk serenely and in your own pronunciation.

General Awareness

While participating in SSB interviews, keeping general awareness is necessary. Candidates must have complete knowledge about locality and hometown. You ought to constantly feature positive things and with an uplifting vibe as this will show your inspiration. You ought to be knowledgeable with every one of the most recent in the armed force.

Know who are you in real

During the interview, the interviewing officer asked why the candidate wanted to join the army? And those who can not give a satisfying answer get dismissed. Hence, it is very important to have a clear mindset about joining the army.

Suitable Attire

Wearing suitable attire helps in establishing a positive connection with officers. Your clothing likewise frames the piece of your Initial feeling. Dress should be simple and sober with very clean shoes and a matching belt.


Work on your correspondence expertise both verbal and non-verbal. Take the help of your close ones. Remember, the more you practice the more confident you will be in the whole process.


Relational abilities of understudies are the main part to break SSB interviews. A candidate who seeks for progress in his/her vocation, a person who wishes to have a splendid future, a contender who is quick to top the rundown, must in this manner ace the procedure of doing the best in the personal interview.

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