Thematic Apperception Test in SSB Interview

Tips for Thematic Apperception Test in SSB Interview

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The Service Selection Board Interview is not like any other interview. It is a crucial procedure, where deserving candidates are chosen for the Indian Armed Forces. The selection process is very lengthy and tough. Plenty of tests and tasks are given to the candidates, in order to analyze their real personality. Therefore, among the various test methods there is a test known as the Thematic Apperception Test. This test is conducted to examine the behavior, characteristics, and personality of a candidate. So, while appearing for the SSB interview candidates must do thorough practice of TAT. Moreover, inTAT this article you will get some useful tips on how to prepare for TAT for the SSB.

What is Thematic Apperception Test?

The SSB interview is a 5 day process, which is divided into two stages. The Thematic Apperception Test is a part of a psychology test which is conducted under the second stage of the SSB. TAT is a part of a psychology test which is organized to identify the real character of a candidate with the help of different images. Therefore, in this test candidates are shown 11 different images plus 1 blank image in the end. So, on the behalf of these images candidates have to frame a sensible story and write it with 3-4 minutes of time duration.

Remember all these 11 images will appear one by one on the screen only for 30 seconds. While writing the story try to be real and focus on writing out of the box. Do not write any negative part in the story. Your story should be practical and it should reflect officers-like qualities towards life. Moreover, your story will reflect your real personality, so try to highlight all the positive qualities in your story. Also remember you will get limited time, so do not write too fast or too slow.

Tips for TAT in SSB Interview

The motive behind conducting TAT is not just to analyze candidates writing skills or their creativity, instead this test is intended to check the thinking ability and personality traits of the candidates. Therefore, here are some tips for TAT which will help you during the SSB Interview.


The TAT is a test of your imagination and how you predict your story. So, before writing the story just take a deep breath and be calm and positive. This will keep your mind cool and you will be able to think wisely. Do not describe the images you have seen, instead create a practical story. Remember, your story must have all the necessary characters along with a hero, because the hero will be the most important character of your story and your hero will represent your personality in front of the psychologist. So, mention all the positive qualities about your hero and write a unique but practical story.

2. Story must have clarity

During the TAT candidates must focus on writing a clear story. The story should have the clarity of thoughts and the role played by the characters should be clear as well. Moreover, your story should be real as it will reflect your thinking ability and personality. Therefore, in order to perform well in the TAT, candidates must do thorough practice at home. They can keep different images in front of them and then they can practice writing stories with a positive approach. This method will increase the thinking ability of a candidate and candidates will learn to finish their story within the given time. Also remember while writing the story it should be neat and clean because dirty or inappropriate words may decrease the interest of the psychologist towards your story.

3. Positive story

Try to write a creative and positive story, with a positive ending. Focus on the pros of the characters and avoid writing negative things. Many times during the TAT negative images are also shown to the candidates, so instead of focusing on those negative pictures try to avoid them and write about the positive things you see in those images. Remember, the hero of your story should have officers-like qualities, because your hero will represent you in this test. So, think twice before writing the story and do not write any negative statement like the character of your story is sad, depressed or having suicidal thoughts. Just design your story with all the practical and positive outlook.

4. Good observation

This tip plays an important role in the Thematic Apperception Test, because you will write whatever you have observed in the story. Therefore, you must have good observation skills to observe all the important and minute details mentioned in the images. Remember, all the pictures will be shown in a 15 second time frame for each slide. So just focus on writing each and every detail in your mind. As good observation power will help you to create a meaningful story with a practical approach.

5. Story should not be lengthy

During the TAT do not write a lengthy story. Your story should be short and simple. An ideal story must lie between 80 to 100 words. So, do not elaborate your story too much. You can take help from the official website of the SSB, here you will find plenty of story samples. So, you will get an idea about how you can frame your story. Remember, to complete your story in time as you will get 3-4 minutes only. Your story must have a subject, main body and the conclusion part in it.

6. Practice story writing

Doing practice of TAT before appearing for the SSB Interview will surely help you to perform well. It is said that practice makes a person perfect, so if you have practiced beforehand you will be aware about the pictures and how you have to create an ideal story. Moreover, you will not waste much time thinking about how to frame a story. Therefore, do as much practice you can and complete your story in the given time.


In the TAT above mentioned tips will surely help the candidates to write a well organized story. So, remember these tips and prepare accordingly. Also keep in mind that every story has a motto, so your story should also have a practical and realistic motto in it.

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