Situation Reaction Test in SSB Interview

Tips To Master Situation Reaction Test in SSB Interview

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In order to join Indian Defense candidates have to go through the crucial procedure of the Service Selection Board. If you are SSB aspirants appearing for any defense exam like, AFCAT, UPSC NDA then at that point you really should know about SSB selection procedure. In this process once the screening round is cleared selected candidates are called for psychological knowledge examination.

What is Situation Reaction Test

Situation Reaction Test is a form of psychological test which assists with assessing the psychology of a candidate in various circumstances. During the SRT round candidates are asked to reply quickly without taking time. In this test different situations are given to the candidates and they have to give their answers according to the provided situations. As this process helps psychologists in analyzing the mental level of the candidate. In SRT 60 questions are asked from daily life situations.

In the Situation Reaction Test questions are asked in verbal and non-verbal form and MCQ type questions are provided in the booklet. The time duration of completing all the questions is only 30 minutes. Hence, candidates have to answer all the questions based on day-to-day life situations within the given time.

Tips To Master Situation Reaction Test

Here are the master tips which can be extremely valuable for candidates in clearing all 60 situations in 30 minutes in the Situation Reaction Test for SSB.

  • As soon as you get a booklet write down a senseful answer whatever comes to mind after seeing the question.
  • Make immediate action instead of thinking about the situation and making a story.
  • Utilize short length catchphrases to answer to the status as it saves time.
  • Envision yourself in the situation given, and figure how you will respond in the same situation. The response should be the most normal one which will showcase the real you.
  • Keep your reactions as short as could be expected, however think twice about quality.
  • If male and female both are involved in the given situation then you have acted smartly.
  • To check the mental ability of the candidate, the same situation is asked plenty of times in different forms, so don’t get confused.
  • Give a steady and quick reaction.
  • Despite the unusual situation given, try to attempt it because doing so will reveal your personality.
  • Don’t write impulsive reactions, be calm and accountability permeate your answers.
  • Try to attempt all the 60 questions and keep them as brief as possible to save time.
  • Candidates should not write multiple reactions for one situation.
  • Try to think smartly and be more analytical.
  • Your response should be more realistic than imaginative.
  • Before appearing for SSB, practice as many situations as you can, and then write the answers with a focused mind.

Question and Answer for Situation Reaction Test

Sr. NoQuestionsAnswers
1A person was going through the jungle and his bicycle got punctured.He fixed the puncture with the repairing kit and continued his journey.
2A student was going for a final exam but suddenly his father fell sick.Student asked his/her sibling to take their father to the hospital and went for the exam.
3What is the most important thing on the planet?Foster proficient capability, genuineness, dedication, trustworthiness and supported exertion.
4He was enjoying the fair and all of a sudden someone created a nuisance.Informed the administration about the nuisance and continued to enjoy the fair.
5Four friends were going on the trip but suddenly lost their way.Used google map to find the way, and continued their trip.
6He was driving down the deserted road and found some men were teasing a girl.Went to a girl and pretended to be his relative and dropped her home.
7His companion lost his employment and into monetary hardships.Helps his companion actually surprisingly well by giving monetary help and helping him in getting a new job.
8While walking on the road he saw a man bleedingStopped the autorickshaw and took that man to the hospital.
9His friends came to him frequently and asked to give some money.Politely say no and ask them to earn money on their own.
10He was scolded by his boss and was given a very difficult task.Apologized for his mistakes and completed the difficult task.


In conclusion it is necessary to know the reason behind conducting the situation reaction test is to evaluate how the candidate can deal with the issues in daily life. The best way to deal with situations is by having a positive mindset. So, candidates try to be realistic and practical while writing about different situations.


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