Officer Like Qualities (OLQ) in SSB Interview

Officer Like Qualities (OLQ) in SSB Interview

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In this article you will understand the importance of OLQ in the SSB Interview. The major part of the selection is based on the OLQ, if a candidate meets with the required criteria, then there are higher chances of his selection. The OLQ is not only crucial for getting selected but also for embodying the responsibilities of an officer. Therefore, candidates should learn in detail about OLQ and try to adapt it on a regular basis. This will help them to be authentic during the given tasks and perform well in the SSB Interview.

Full form of OLQ in the SSB

Now you will get to know about the full form of the OLQ. The term OLQ means Officer-Like Qualities. The selection of the candidates during the SSB is done on the basis of officer like qualities. If a candidate fails in matching with OLQ gets disqualified. The qualities which a candidate must have in him/herself includes leadership, good communication, problem-solving, work in a team, courage, discipline and ability to face any challenges. Hence, while preparing for the SSB you must work on these traits in order to get selected. So, in this article you will get to know about a few Officer-Like Qualities in detail.

What is OLQ(Officer Like Qualities) in the SSB Interview?

Here are some basic officer- like qualities, which will help you to perform well in the SSB tests and interview.

1.Good communication

Having great communication skills is basic OLQ. Officers have to convey any information or instructions with clarity. Therefore, candidates must have clarity of words along with a fluent conversation. This is not only applicable for verbal conversation, it applies to proficiency in writing as well. Moreover, while the SSB candidates have to face both an interview and a written test, they should work on improving their communication skills by reading English newspapers or podcasts. Additionally, in the Indian Defense, English is a basic language used to connect with each other, therefore aspirants should be able to speak and write in fluent English.

2. Problem solver

In the Armed Force officers undergo complex situations and challenges. But an officer with problem-solving skills can easily deal with such situations and succeed in maintaining peace and discipline. Therefore, candidates appearing for the SSB Interview must be a problem solver. They must learn how to deal with tough situations and solve the problems of his troops. During the Group Discussion round many times candidates go through different opinions, in such situations if you are a problem solver, then you will easily deal with the situation and keep your point loud and clear.

3. Leadership

A candidate must have leadership quality, because a good leader can lead his/her team wisely. In the SSB, during the GTO candidates get a chance to show their leadership quality. Therefore, candidates must be aware of those qualities which help you to become a good leader. Moreover, being a leader of your team, you must motivate your team members, you should take right decisions and have clear vision. Hence, if a candidate is able to impress the officers with his leadership quality, he will move a step towards the victory.

4. Believe in teamwork

Working with your team is one of the most important officer-like qualities in the SSB. Candidates must be habitual of working with team members and making discussion beneficial for them, instead of being selfish. Also, while performing any tasks candidates must believe in team work and complete the tasks accordingly and they must have good communication with each other. Because the lackness of rapport establishment may lead towards failure. So, learn to interact with others as much as you can.

5. Adjustable

During the SSB, adjusting nature must reflect in your personality, because many times officers have to survive in very tough and unpredictable situations. So, you have to learn to be adjustable to live in any type of environment. Apart from adjusting with the atmosphere, many times officers have to adjust for their team members. Hence, a candidate must adjust nature from the beginning in his/her behavior. As, it will be beneficial during the outdoor tasks in the SSB interview.

6. Brave and fearless

Being brave and fearless is the fundamental OLQ. Officers in the Indian Defence have to be mentally and physically capable to deal with complex situations. This quality of an officer helps them in war type situations. Hence, aspirants should also be courageous and ready to fight in any circumstances. Remember, in the armed forces officers never give up in any situations, so you must train your mind accordingly.

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7. Discipline

Discipline is the core of the Indian Defence. It is also known as the non-negotiable quality. Officers must be strict with their rules and regulations and maintain discipline consistently. It is said that officers set the examples for their team and juniors, and a disciplined team can handle various operations easily. Moreover, during the SSB interview, officers always keep an eye on the candidates and examine whether a candidate is disciplined or not. Therefore, candidates must learn to live in a disciplined manner from the very beginning of their preparation.

8. Responsible

A strong sense of responsibility is a symbol of effective military officers. Officers in the armed forces own plenty of responsibilities such as, maintaining peace and discipline, making right decisions, crafting correct strategy, and motivating their team members. It is said that an officer can never get free from his/her responsibilities. This is also applied to the candidates who are going to appear for the SSB. During any group tasks the candidate will be responsible for his team members. So, you should know how to manage other candidates and complete the given tasks within the time duration.


In order to be part of the Indian Defence, candidates must have these eight basic officers like quality in them. Moreover, during the SSB Interview these qualities must reflect in your behavior, because selection of a candidate will be based on the OLQ and if a candidate fails in satisfying officers with OLQ, then he will not get qualified.

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