GTO Tasks Colour & General Rules in SSB Interview

GTO Tasks Colour & General Rules in SSB Interview

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The five day selection process in the SSB Interview consists of a Group Testing Officer test series, which is conducted on the 3rd and 4th day. This test is conducted to examine candidate performance as an individual and with other candidates in a group activities. Whereas, GTO tasks are conducted under the supervision of an officer, so candidates who want to join the Indian Defence have to work really hard to get selected.

What is a GTO task in SSB?

The Group Testing Officer test series is a set of indoor and outdoor tasks in the SSB Interview. The purpose of conducting GTO is to know about qualities and personality in a group and how much candidates get involved with each other. Candidate are given nine GTO tasks which are-

1.Group Discussion
2. Group/Military Planning Exercise
3. Progressive Group Task
4. Snake Race
5. Lecturette
6. Half Group Task
7. Individual Obstacles
8. Command Task
9. Final Group Task

On the basis of these nine GTO task group testing officers evaluate each candidate from the group based on their performance and how they harmonize with each other.

How to prepare for a GTO task?

In order to clear the GTO task, candidates must work on physical strength, how to influence other group members, and how to make a positive impact in front of the GT officer. Candidates must watch online videos or join the classes to prepare for the GTO task, because in this task only those candidates will get selected who have officer-like qualities in them.

A candidate can go well in the task by being active, confident and firm in behavior with other candidates as well as with GT officers. During the task candidates are put in complex and tricky situations to bring out their true nature and see how they will deal with the situation. Hence, candidates should complete their tasks wisely and not panic.

Rules to follow in GTO tasks

1.Group Rule

Group rule is one of the most important rules in the GTO tasks, so candidates must follow this rule carefully while attempting outdoor tasks like Snake Race, PGT, FGT, and HGT. According to this rule all the candidates of a group have to cross the obstacles together and once the obstacles are clear they can move to the next one. Group rule is created to examine whether the candidate is self centered, and selfish, or he/she believes in unity, group collaboration etc.

2. Distance Rule

According to this rule candidates should not take a jump more than four feet, if the gap is more than four feet in that situation candidate has to bridge using the helping material to cover up the distance, as less distance can be jumped.

3. Color Rule

The candidate must follow and respect each construction painted in various colors like red, yellow, and white. As each color has its own rule and regulation.

White – According to this color, a structure can be used by both candidates and helping material. So, a candidate, load and helping material are bound to use white structure.

Red – As everyone knows red color is a sign of stop or danger, in the GTO task candidate, load, and the helping material should be careful while moving and they should not touch the red color structure. Moreover, candidates should remember that neither he/she can stand on the red structure nor can keep any helping material.

Yellow/Blue – Yellow and blue color structure allows a candidate to stand on it, but a candidate cannot place or keep any load, or help material on these color structures. Although, candidates while standing on these colors can hold the helping materials in their hands.

4. Rigidity Rule

In the GTO task, no two rigid helping materials such as balli and phatta can be tied together. Instead, they need to be tied separately for example- phatta can be tied with rope and at the same time balli can also be tied with the rope. But you cannot tie both of these rigid helping materials together.

5. Infinity Rule

Rule of infinity tells that the finish line in the GTO tasks is extended on both sides of the ground to infinity. Whereas, this rule bans the candidates from crossing the obstacles and reaching the finishing line. Hence, candidates have to cross the obstacles carefully and smartly in order to reach the finishing line.

Some additional rules a candidate should follow

  • The very first rule a candidate must keep in mind is to follow all the instructions given by GT officers throughout the task.
  • Be supportive and coordinate well with other candidates by being an optimum speaker. Candidates should help other candidates in arranging the plan and also give them a chance to speak on ground tasks.
  • Do not get nervous or steal a glance from the officer while performing your task, just forget about everything and concentrate on your task, because if you get scared at the time of task, this will reveal lack of confidence and your weakness.
  • At the time of group task, make a positive move and make sure that other candidates of your group move in a parallel direction because if any candidate moves individually, they look non-cooperative. Hence, focus on communicating well with your group.
  • Try to avoid the conflicts within the group candidates, be wise and handle the task maturely. Be cool and calm and support every candidate of your group to do well in the given GTO task.


If a candidate wants to be a part of the Indian Defense, he/she has to undergo the SSB Interview. The GTO task in the SSB is considered as one of the toughest and challenging tasks, hence candidates must prepare well before appearing for the SSB and at the time of GTO task candidate should be a constructive member of a group. Try to be real and a team person instead of being dominating or pretending fake.

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