AFCAT SSB interview Preparation

AFCAT SSB Interview Preparation

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Candidates who are preparing for the Indian Air Force exam, should be aware about basic information related to AFCAT. Air Force Common Admission Test is conducted every year by the Indian Air Force to select the best candidate. But clearing AFCAT is not enough because once candidates qualify AFCAT, then they have to face the next challenge which is known as Air Force Selection Board Interview. This AFSB interview is considered as one of the toughest 5 day interviews. So, candidates should be careful before applying to AFSB, as they have to do plenty of practice along with extra efforts.

How to do well in AFCAT SSB Interview?

1. Acknowledge the essentials of IAF

All those candidates who are appearing for the AFCAT AFSB interview, they should be aware of foremost things related to the Indian Air Force. They must know about the missiles, ranks, and aircraft, as recruiting officers can ask such questions at the time of AFSB interview. Hence, it is very important to know about each and every detail of the Indian Air Force.

2. Practice OIR Test

The Officer Intelligence Rating Test is an important part of the AFSB interview. This test is conducted to check the mental ability of a candidate. So, while preparing for the test, candidates should focus more on the math subject and enhance problem solving skills. There will be a series of questions with four answers for each question, so candidates have to choose the correct answer within the time duration.

3. Prepare for Picture Perfection Test

The Picture Perfection Test is also a part of AFSB interview, this test is conducted to check the mental stamina of the candidates as they have to identify certain objects in given pictures and then remember them. Therefore, to succeed in the PPT candidate should practice thoroughly at home. Candidates will get the sample pictures on the AFCAT website for practice, or can time themselves and practice from random pictures and try to identify objects within the timeframe. Moreover, you should stay confident and focus on correctly identifying the objects in each picture.

4. Avoid screaming during Group Discussion

At the time of Group Discussion candidates should be confident while speaking, but they should avoid dominating other candidates and should not shout while speaking. Being a good listener candidate should give chances to others to speak, as this act will create a good impression on the recruiter. At the time of group discussion having clarity of thought and words is very important.

5. Be updated with current affairs

Candidates who want to fulfill their dream by joining the Indian Air force through AFCAT AFSB interview, they have to make a habit of watching news and reading newspapers regularly. This will help to keep up with general knowledge and current affairs. Because recruiting officers can ask any type of question so you should be prepared to answer confidently. In addition, being aware of current affairs will help to know about global changes.

6. Work on Communication Skills

The 5 days AFSB interview is not an easy task for candidates to succeed, officers keep an eye on the candidate’s personality, behavior, and communication skills. Therefore, candidates should work on their communication skills as speaking in fluent English is necessary. So, you should practice speaking clearly and giving summarized and simple information at the time of interview.

7. Don’t get into arguments

Candidates who are mentally fit and strong have more chances to succeed in the AFSB interview, because during the interview candidates have to face tricky and challenging situations. At that time officers check each and every expression and behavior of a candidate. In such situations many times candidates get irritated and start arguing with officers and other candidates. This is considered as a wrong act and candidates can get disqualified also. So, one should be aware and avoid getting into any kind of arguments.

8. Be well-groomed

All those candidates who will undergo the AFSB interview should be well dressed. Their attire should be formal, light in color, and classy, also ensure that your attire should be neat and clean. Apart from the attire, shoes should be well polished and hairstyle should be done properly. Being well groomed will create a positive impact in front of the officers and your interview will start on a positive note.

What to do 10 days before the AFCAT Interview?

• Keep on practicing OIR, PPT, and GTO tests as much as you can.

• Do meditation, in order to be calm and confident at the time of interview.

• Work on enhancing mental and physical strength to succeed on ground tasks.

• Take a proper nap and eat healthy food to look active during the interview.

• Be aware about important events related to the Indian Government and Indian Defense.

• Improve your vocabulary by reading books and newspapers.


The most effective and useful tip to prepare well for the AFCAT AFSB interview is having a calm and composed nature. This trait can solve many problems at the time of interview, whereas being confident and focusing on strength and skills will surely lead you to success. So, candidates should do proper preparation and practice before applying for the interview, as this will take a candidate closer to his/her dreams of being a part of the Indian Air force.

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