Tips for Staying Calm in SSB nterview

Tips for Staying Calm in SSB Interview

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Getting nervous or stressed out during any type of interview is very normal human behavior. There is nothing wrong with getting worried about your interview, but if you drag it for a long duration it may affect your mental health and also spoil your interview. Therefore, if you aspire for a better career and want a bright future in the Indian Defence sector then try to overcome your fears and master the skill of performing well during the SSB interview.

As we all know that an interview is a crucial task, where candidates have to undergo various types of tests and also personal interviews. Where the interviewing officer we have face-to-face conversation with candidates. To analyze the real personality of a candidate. Therefore, here are some of the tips for staying calm in the SSB Interviews selection process, which will help the candidates to succeed.

Tips on how to stay calm in the SSB Interview?

Some of the useful tips to stay calm during the SSB interview are as follows-

1.Be aware about the SSB

Before starting your preparation you should know about all the details of the SSB Interview. You should be prepared to face all the difficult situations and tasks during the 5 days of SSB. As this will help you to overcome your stress and you will be confident and enjoy your interview round. Let me tell you your interview will completely depend on how you behave, speak and perform in front of the officers, because if you feel low and uncertain it will reflect in your actions and it won’t be good for you.

2. Prepare a plan

The 5 days SSB Interview is a lengthy process, so if you start your preparation before 7-8 months it will be beneficial. As last moment preparation is not going to bring success on your table. Moreover, it may cause you anxiety, mood swings, and stress. Therefore, to avoid any kind of mental trauma, make an ideal plan, strategize your day and start preparing accordingly. Instead of getting panicked one month before the SSB interview. Remember not to choose shortcut tricks for the interview as no tricks can work in front of the officers. So do not act over smart.

3. Rehearse well

When you start with your preparation, rehearse at home as much as you can. This will make you confident and you will not get blank or nervous in front of other candidates or officers during the SSB. Doing rehearsal will help you in the PPDT, Group Discussion, and Personal Interview round, because these tests will reflect your communication skills, your behavior towards others and about your mentality. Therefore, if you have rehearsed from the beginning you will be able to narrate the story, do discussion, and answer all the questions confidently.

4. Avoid stressing

If we talk about the SSB candidates, there are plenty of things going on in their mind, and after some time it turns into stress. So, try to avoid thinking or imagining useless things. Have faith in yourself and do not get obstacles in your way. Before going to the SSB center check all the essentials required during the interview, so that you don’t panic later on.

5. Be cool & calm

All the SSB aspirants should work on their mental health by doing mental and physical exercises, meditation and other activities which will help them to keep calm and composed. Because you will be the future officers of Indian Defence, hence you should have Officers Like Quality in you. Being calm during tough situations is one of them. Therefore, if you have temper issues, but you want to join Indian Defense, then you have to work on your anger and learn to be cool minded. You can try to spend time in nature or listen to good music, because this can work like therapy for you.

6. Think positively

Try to have a positive outlook in every situation. This tip will help you a lot during your SSB interview, because getting goosebumps, and being nervous is casual, so don’t give much importance to your negative emotions and focus on positive aspects. While going for the personal interview, if your hands sweat due to lack of confidence, carry a handkerchief and wipe off your hands before entering inside. Although you are stressed from the inside, try to avoid it and represent yourself with a positive, confident and strong personality. This action of yourself will definitely make your interview interesting.

7. Focus on your strength

Instead of wasting your time in thinking about your weakness just focus on your strength. Many times this has been seen that if a candidate does not perform well in one task of the SSB then he considers himself loser and loses the hope of getting selected. So, don’t repeat this mistake if you are unable to do well in one round, focus on the other round and be prepared to give your best in the remaining tests. Instead of demotivating focus on motivating yourself and acknowledge your capabilities, as you can do much better than you think.

8. Take a deep breath

If you are already dealing with anxiety issues and get panicked during tough situations then just take a deep breath and sit quietly for some time. it will help you to come out of anxiety. Feel free and relax and allow your thoughts to give you the right answer in such situations. As we all know that a cool and relaxed mind can think wisely and help in taking the right decision. Also a candidate suffering from anxiety can do some yoga asanas, it will help you to deal with negative thoughts and fears.

9. Imagine a successful interview

This tip works as an affirmation, so candidates preparing for the SSB interview should start by imagining that they already had a great interview, that they have completed all the tasks and succeeded. According to some studies, it is said that we become what we think. Therefore, if you want to get successful in the interview, you have to start imagining from the beginning.


These are a few tips that will surely help the SSB aspirant to face their fears and deal with any type of mental issues, in order to get selected in the interview and become a part of the Indian Defence.

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