Top 10 Tips for Effective SSB Interview Preparation

Top 10 Tips for Effective SSB Interview Preparation

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The Indian Defense services are considered as a glorious and dignified job. Therefore, the youth of our country are taking most interest in being part of it through different branches. But it is not easy to qualify the written exam and SSB Interview conducted to select the best candidates. So, candidates should follow 10 basic tips that will help them to achieve success during the SSB preparation. Moreover, candidates who want to apply for any post related to Indian Defense should not take the SSB Interview lightly. You have to start preparing for the SSB interview before 6 to 8 months according to the tips mentioned below. In addition, practice mock tests of all the tasks as much as you can and also work on your physical strength.

What is the SSB Interview procedure?

The Service Selection Board Interview is a crucial process conducted by the Indian Army for various positions in defense. The SSB interview is a long five day process, having 2 stages. The first stage is known as the Screening Test which consists of two tests Verbal and Non-Verbal Test, and Picture Perception and Discussion test. Whereas, the second stage has Psychology Test, Group Testing Officers, Personal Interview, and Conference. The motive behind conducting these tests is you analyze your personality, leadership quality, ability to handle tough situations, and strength. So, as you all know the SSB interview process is not at all easy, but you can achieve success even in your first attempt by following the top 10 effective tips.

10 Effective Preparation Tips for the SSB Interview

1.Do practice regularly

We all know that practice makes a person perfect, so this perfectly applies to the SSB interview processor. As much as a candidate will practice previous year tests he/she will be able to acknowledge the pattern and also will be able to identify mistakes. So, make a habit of revising the practice sets specially the psychology test regularly and within a time frame, because during the psychology test at the SSB center you will get very less time to complete it, so make a habit of doing it in time.

2. Avoid nervousness

Getting nervous and stressed during any test is natural, so no need to worry if you are getting nervous since the time of preparation, then make a habit of reading books based on motivational thoughts and in the morning do meditation daily. These things will help in building confidence in you and slowly you will notice changes in you. You will become more positive and confident. Also, keep in mind at the time of personal interview or while narrating the story do not get nervous as it is just a test not a war like situation so, be calm else it may spoil your performance.

3. Be positive

Positivity is considered as an important trait of personality. Therefore, candidates should think positively and have a positive attitude during the SSB interview and also in their life. Positivity in life helps in taking the right decision during difficult situations. Additionally, if a candidate completes all his tasks in a positive manner then it will reflect his personality and his assertive nature.

4. Awareness about current affairs

Many times it has been seen that candidates only focus on academic knowledge or on topics related with their syllabus, which is not enough if you are preparing for a high level exam. In the Indian Defense services having knowledge about current affairs and international news is very important. So apart from the syllabus of the SSB interview candidates should gather the information on current topics because the interviewing officer can ask anything out of the syllabus. Hence, only the basic knowledge is not enough, start reading the newspapers, and watch national and international news on tv.

5. Dress-up well

At the time of the SSB Interview your attire will reflect your personality, so choose wisely. Keep in mind your outfit should not be inappropriate or revealing. The color of your attire should be subtle and it should be formal wear. Make sure to make a normal hairstyle, your shoes should be cleaned and polished. If you work on these small things you will have a good start to your interview.

6. Candidate should be physically fit

To be a part of the Indian Armed Force candidates should be physically fit and strong, as there is no place for physically weak candidates. So, all those candidates preparing for SSB interview should start working on their physical fitness. They must eat healthy food instead of eating food which will increase your weight, also they should do workout or exercises. These exercises will help in building your muscles and develop strength in your body. so that you can face challenges during the outdoor tasks based on physical strength.

7. Honesty pays off

We all know that honesty always pays off, so try to be honest and show your real personality instead of bluffing on things you never achieved because if you try to pretend about something else you will be caught. So, avoid being over smart and fill out your real personal information. Also, just focus on your answers instead of copying from others.

8. Improve your communication skills

In order to do well in the SSB interview, start working on your communication skills and fluency because most of the communication will be done in the English language. So, develop fluency in your sentences by practicing at home and try to learn new words. Also, this will be beneficial for the candidates during the storytelling test.

9. Practice time management

Time management is also considered as an important tip which helps you to do well during the SSB interview tasks. So, while preparing at home, set a time duration for each test and try to complete it within the time. This tip will be beneficial for you at the time of SSB interview and it will increase your writing speed as well.

10. Guidance from mentor

We all are aware of the fact that all candidates don’t prefer to join the coaching classes and seek guidance from mentors because they want to prepare on their own. But there are many such candidates who can’t prepare on their own and look for guidance from seniors. So all those candidates who struggle in preparing on their own can join the SSB coaching classes near their places to get correct guidance and learning techniques for the SSB interview.


So, these are the top 10 effective tips that will help you to succeed in the SSB Interview. Therefore, plan your preparation according to these tips and practice rigorously.

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