Physical Fitness Tips for SSB Interview Candidates

Physical Fitness Tips for SSB Interview Candidates

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Being a part of the Indian Armed Force is a dream of many youths nowadays and this is the reason that every year more than thousands of candidates apply for the same. Candidates are always eager to know about the SSB interview process in detail. So, here, you will know about the Fitness Tips for SSB Interview. It is very necessary for the candidate to be physically fit and active because during the SSB tasks physical wellness will help a candidate to complete the task on time.

As physical health determines overall wellness and ability of a candidate to match the demands of the Indian Defence. Moreover, it enhances the confidence level, brings positivity, and helps you to focus on your goals.

Importance of Physical Fitness in the SSB Interview

The selection process of the SSB Interview is not an ordinary task where only the academic awareness is analyzed. The SSB interview tests the mental and physical fitness of a candidate. This is a crucial process, therefore having physical strength is very necessary for a candidate.

During the selection few ground tasks are given to the candidates, in order to check their physical ability. But if a candidate is weak and physically unfit he/she won’t be able to complete the tasks.

At the time of group tasks candidates have to carry plenty of weight in the form of objects, so candidates have to be physically strong to perform well.

Candidates should be aware of the tasks before applying for the interview, as these are not ordinary tasks, they require a good amount of physical strength to clear all the obstacles during the tasks.

Moreover, candidates have to complete all the tasks in the given time and for that they need to be fit and tough.

Tips to be physically fit in the SSB Interview

Some of the basic tips that will help a candidate to work on his/her physical strength and get motivated in order to get selected in the SSB are as follows-

1. Running

Making a habit of running early in the morning and at night will build a great stamina in candidates’ bodies. In the beginning candidates should start with short running, then can run for 5 to 6 km in a day and can increase once they are habitual. Running also reduces body weight and helps to be physically well.

2. Sit-ups and Push-ups

Doing 30 to 50 sit-ups in a day will help in reducing fat from the body and will keep you active all day long. Whereas, doing push-ups in the right order is very important because during the fitness test candidates are asked to do push-ups in order to analyze their physical strength.

3. Follow healthy routine

Living a healthy lifestyle plays a vital role in being physically fit. Therefore, candidates should change their lifestyle and maintain a habit of eating healthy food, doing proper exercises, and meditation. Even candidates should involve themselves with outdoor sports like football, cricket, and tennis as this will teach a candidate how to play in a group with others.

4. Do stretching exercises

Candidates who are preparing for the SSB interview should make a habit of doing various exercises regularly. They must include stretching exercises for muscle growth and to develop stamina. Additionally, they can also do exercises such as squats, planks, and lunges because at the time of outdoor tasks good stamina will be needed to clear all the obstacles along with plenty of load.

5. Swimming

Doing swimming on a regular basis is equal to body workout. So, candidates who have a shortage of time can spend 30 minutes daily on swimming as it gives shape to your muscles, burns calories, and boosts your immune system. Moreover, the benefit of swimming is that it won’t make you tired for the whole day in comparison to working out.

6. Rope Climbing

Rope climbing can be difficult for the beginners, but once you become habitual you will enjoy doing it. Rope climbing not just makes you physically fit but also prepares you for the tasks given during the training. So candidates who have practiced climbing a rope do not struggle at the time of training. On the other hand, beginners should start with the basic method and technique of climbing by using both hands and legs.

7. Understand your body requirement

Physical strength of candidates may vary from one another. Some candidates may require plenty of physical strength, whereas, some already have in them. So, candidates should work out or do physical exercise according to the requirements of their body. They should make a well- structured plan and exercise accordingly. But for this candidates must understand the need of their body and about the pressure their body can handle.

8. Practice mock test

Candidates planning to be part of SSB interview can go through the mock test in order to acknowledge the requirement for the SSB and to be aware of the tasks given during the time of selection. By revising the mock test candidate can work on the areas of improvement and be prepared physically as well as mentally to face all the tough situations given during the physical test.

9. Skipping

Skipping ropes also plays a significant role in keeping you fit and healthy. As it is considered as a form of cardio which a person can do at home instead of going and doing it at a gym. Skipping ropes in different forms help in burning the extra calories from your body and reduce fat. But remember you should not skipping for a long duration in between takes rest, because doing too much of anything can be harmful.


Candidates should not be in pressure or go for extreme exercises in the starting as it may cause injury and affect your muscles. With a positive and cool mind candidates should make a workout plan and take initial steps in the beginning otherwise, a small muscle tear may be harmful and will affect your preparation. Apart from physical health, also work on your mental health by reading positive and motivational books, doing meditation, and taking proper sleep.

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