Group Discussions in SSB Interview

Role of Group Discussions in SSB Interview

Show team work, Share with your team

The Group Discussion test is conducted by the Group Testing Officer after the psychology test in the SSB Interview. Group discussion plays a crucial role in the SSB interview as it helps in analyzing a person’s behavior. So, having a healthy and logical conversation on the given topic is very necessary. Therefore, it is important for the candidate to be vocal about his thoughts in front of other candidates, but in normal pitch. The motive behind conducting the group discussion test is to analyze the Officer Like Qualities, ability to lead a group, and personality of a candidate.

So, candidates must be good listeners, who give chances to other candidates to speak and share their views, instead of dominating others with their own thoughts.

What is Group Discussion?

Group Discussion is considered as the first test of Group Testing, where candidates are divided into different groups for an informal discussion on various topics. The purpose of conducting the GD is to examine the performance of a candidate like how he/she behaves with team members, mindset of a person, awareness of current affairs, and ability to convince other candidates etc. Moreover, GTO also checks the communication skills and fluency of a candidate.

Role of Group Discussion in the SSB

  • The Group Discussion test is performed in the SSB center under the directions of the GT officers. Therefore, the GD test is considered as one of the Important tests as it brings out the real personality of a candidate. The GTO examine a candidate through different aspects during the tasks such as-
  • How well a candidate supports his ideas without having any argument with other candidates.
  • How much knowledge a candidate has on the given topic and what are his views on it.
  • The GTO notices, whether you have clarity in thoughts or not.
  • How you communicate with officers as well as with other candidates.
  • Some of social traits like empathy, positivity, calmness.
  • Your communication skills and your management skills.
  • How well you can handle a disruptive person and teach him to be disciplined.
  • What is your involvement in the welfare of your society and how do you motivate others?
  • How you face a tricky situation and overcome it.
  • Your reaction on the unprepared topic and your view on it.

Make you Group Discussion approachable

Candidates should try to make their group discussion test effective and appealing in order to grab the attention of the Group Testing Officer. Here are some tips that can help you in performing well during the GD test.

1.Start with quote

In order to make your conversation extraordinary try to start the discussion with any motivational quote or quote related to the topic. This technique will grab the attention of the officer towards you and your discussion will become more interesting. Try to use simple but appropriate words with clarity of thoughts. Do not rush or be sheepish, just be real and unique.

2. Lead the discussion

Once the opening statement is done give chance to other candidates to discuss amongst themselves and after listening everyone lead the conversation by sharing your ideas. But remember do not fight or be rude while sharing your ideas. Instead, be calm and confident, give some examples related to discussion, which will help you in convincing other candidates. As we all know, leading a team in the Indian Defence is a very tough role played by an officer. Therefore, during the test try to be a good leader.

3. Motivate other candidates

We have often seen many candidates get nervous during the group discussion test, so being a good person try to help those candidates who are struggling to speak by motivating them. Also support other candidates’ ideas and do not force others to stick with your ideas. Try to make a good impression of yourself in the eyes of other candidates as well as officers.

4. Closing period of the discussion

At the time of closing or finishing your group discussion remember not to give any concluding statement, because this is just a group discussion so finish it with effective ideas and with others opinion. Avoid converting it into a story form, as you are only having discussion with other candidates.

5. Make an eye contact while speaking

Candidates should look confidently in the eyes of other candidates while discussing as it will reflect your self-confidence and show you interest on the topic. But avoid speaking for a long duration and give chances to other candidates as well. Try to be a good listener along with being a good speaker. Also, if you get stuck on any sentence try to cover up quickly with another sentence instead of getting silent at that moment. Learn to turn the situation wisely in your favor because Group Discussion is not going to be an easy test, so be prepared.

6. Do not go out of the topic

While having a Group Discussion, candidates should not get distracted from their point of view. They should try to deliver short but relevant points and support it until the end of the discussion. This will reflect your determination and dedication towards the GD test.

7. Gain extra knowledge

While preparing for the SSB interview, you should read books from different areas, and newspapers. In order to be aware of new words as well as about current affairs. Because you can only discuss on any topic when you are aware of the scenario. Also keep in mind that this is not a debate so do not prove other candidates wrong, only support your logic. Focus on reflecting an Officer Like Quality in your behavior at the time of discussion.

How to handle tough situations during Group Discussion?

• Avoid getting in any argument with other candidates, remain calm and friendly with others.

• If any candidate is disturbing you and not letting you to speak, do not get angry on that candidate, only ask the candidate not to interrupt in the between

• During the discussion if a topic is new for you and you don’t know how to start the discussion, remain silent and be a good listener. After some time if you feel like sharing your view just ask other candidates to acknowledge your ideas too.

• If you find other candidates screaming and raising their pitch high during GD, make candidates calm and after that continue the discussion in an ideal manner.

Candidates who are eagerly preparing for the SSB interview should thoroughly practice the Group Discussion test at home with their family members and friends in order to improve their communication because group discussion plays an important role in the SSB tasks, so candidates should try to give their best in this test.

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