Handling Stress during SSB Interviews

Handling Stress during SSB Interviews

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Stress and nervousness are normal encounters for the majority of defense aspirants. An incredible method for working on your mindfulness by large psychological wellness is to learn stress management strategies and how to deal with distressing circumstances. This is particularly evident with regards to taking care of pressure and the things that can cause it, for example overthinking, personal or professional pressure, and suffering with mental issues. Therefore, candidates should try one of the given ideas on how to handle stress during the SSB Interview.

How to handle stress during SSB Interviews?

1.Be prepared

The greatest advice to any candidate preparing for the SSB Interview is to know about its syllabus and pattern in detail. Get knowledge on what type of questions will come in the written exam and what type of tasks will be given. This will help you to perform well in the SSB interview and you will be stress-free and confident. The more you know, the more you will be able to answer the question. Therefore, be prepared in every way and overcome your fear and stress in order to succeed.

2. Make a plan

Without doing good planning you can’t achieve anything. This goes with the SSB Interview preparation as well. As we all know the SSB Interview is a five-day lengthy procedure, so many times candidates get irritated and stressed, therefore to avoid the irritation candidates should start their practise beforehand. Candidates who are preparing for the SSB interview should make a strong and strategic plan. So, instead of waiting for the last moment and getting stressed, better to do a planning and start your preparation accordingly. Also remember to give time on each topic and learn current affairs as well.

3. Eliminate the fear of unknown

Instead of increasing the chances to get stressed try to get rid of it. Getting nervous or panic at the time of any examination or interview is normal, there is nothing to be worried about. But try to eliminate your worries and be confident at the time of SSB interview. Prepare a checklist of all the required things to have to take along with you at the SSB center. Dress up well and face all the tasks with positivity and remember this is not a war it is just an interview so take it easy. These things will be helpful in decreasing stress level. But even after doing all this if you feel uneasy then just recall your goal and give your 100 percent.

4. Maintain the balance diet

As per studies, candidates who take a heavy diet like extra carbohydrate, fat, or junk food regularly are more likely to perceive their stress levels to be higher. Also, lackness of nutrients in your diet like magnesium and vitamins may increase risk of deficiency as these substances are important in dealing with stress and mood swings. Therefore, make a healthy diet plan which will keep you fit physically and mentally and add green vegetables, coconut water, nuts, and seeds in your diet. Doing all this will definitely help you in releasing stress.

5. Do physical exercises

Physical exercises are considered as the best stress reliever. As it has the ability to deal with stress. So, if you are an SSB aspirant you should do workout, meditation, yoga, and some other exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, swimming, running and cycling. These exercises will not make you physically fit but also will improve your mental health. If a candidate is suffering from anxiety or any other mental disorder, exercise will help him to overcome it. Additionally, exercises are beneficial in increasing your focus and attention towards your goal. So, make a habit of exercising daily in the morning.

6. Learn to do selfcare

We usually get too busy with our daily work and we forget to do self care and pamper ourselves. But doing selfcare works like magic in dealing with stress. So, candidates should learn to do selfcare by participating in the activities of their interest like getting massages, decorating their room, going to gym, playing favorite sports or going for outings. It is said that a lack of self-care is linked to a higher risk of stress and nervousness. Therefore, nourish yourself in the best way, in order to maintain your focus on clearing the SSB Interview.

7. Spend time with nature

Nature is considered as a boon for those who are struggling with mental health issues. This is one of the most effective tips a candidate can take because spending time in greenery helps to lower the stress. As per the studies, psychologists also agree with the fact that if mentally ill person lives near nature, they will become fit and fine. Therefore, if the SSB candidates feel stressed, they should take a break from their studies and go to the park or any other green area near to their place and spend time in a peaceful atmosphere.

8. Get enough sleep

Getting good sleep for 7-8 hours is very necessary for the human being and if you are a student or preparing for the SSB interview, it is mandatory to take proper sleep, in order to keep you physically and mentally fit. Because the amount of sleep you take in a day may impact your mood, energy level, general functioning etc. It is often seen that people who struggle to fall asleep suffer from anxiety, and migration. Therefore, try to read good books or listen to peaceful music before you sleep. Remember not to use your mobile once do go to bed as it can create distraction.

9. Spend time with close ones

Emotional support given from your parents and friends can work as a stress reliever because according to the studies any person’s mental health mostly depends on the strength of their social support and this works on those who feel like living alone. Therefore, while preparing for the SSB interview, if a candidate feels stressed he/she should go and talk with their parents and friends instead of sitting alone in the room. Try to be socially active and go out for shopping, parties, play outdoor games and also participate in social activities. As this will make you vocal, in order to express your feelings.


Therefore, staying cool and calm will help a candidate to perform well and complete all the given tasks in the SSB Interview. Additionally free yourself from the stress and anxiety and be positive during the 5 days selection process.

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