Dress Code for SSB Interview

Best Dress Code for SSB Interview

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Dress code or attire plays an important role in revealing your personality, especially when you are going for any exam or interview. Likewise, your attire also plays a significant role in the SSB Interview. So, when candidates receive a call letter for the SSB interview, they must go through all given instructions carefully and choose the ideal attire to wear during the tasks. Here are some of the Best Dress Code for SSB Interview for candidates that they should wear.

1Dark color trouser and light color shirt1 set1 setSuits/sarees permissible
2Shoes2 pair2 pairFormal and sports
4Winter Wear11Seasonal requirement during winter
5White shorts & T-shirts1 set_For GTO test
6Track suit12 setOnly in winter for GTO

What dress code male candidates should follow during GTO?

The SSB GTO tasks are known as crucial activities conducted by Group Testing Officers. During the GTO candidates have to go through various tasks and challenges, so they must wear proper and comfortable attire. Remember to follow the dress code and the color you wear should match with other candidates, because GTO is a group task, therefore there should be similarity among the candidates. Additionally, if you wear different color attire then it may create a bad impact on officers.

At the time of GTO male candidates should wear plain white colour T-shirt along with shorts and sports shoes during summer season. Whereas, in winter seasons they are allowed to wear track suits along with white sport shoes.

Remember you T-shirt must be plain white color, no logo or quotation should be available in your T-shirt, else you may be punished.

The GTO is an outdoor task, which is conducted to check your physical strength and fitness. So, work on your fitness and be confident while performing all the tasks.

Dress code female candidates should follow during the GTO

The dress code applied on the female candidates during the GTO is tracksuit and pants along with a pair of shoes. But remember, to wear neat and clear dress and the dress should be of your size, because you should be comfortable with your dress and shoes while performing the tasks. Else you won’t be able to focus on your tasks and it will affect your performance.

Dress code male candidates should wear in Personal Interview

• The Personal Interview plays a massive role in the SSB interview. As this test is conducted by the Interviewing Officer who questions you related to your academics, 5 days SSB, current affairs etc., sometimes this interview extends for more than an hour. Therefore, male candidates are expected to wear formal shirts and pants with formal shoes. But the color of your shirt must be light and eye pleasing, it should not be loud.

• During the winter season candidates can wear a blazer and tie along with a shirt and pants. Remember to comb your hair well and your shoes must be polished, because a good impression on interviewing can lead to a good start of your interview.

Dress code female candidates should wear in Personal Interview

• Female candidates are allowed to wear a formal shirt along with pants or they can wear a saree during the personal interview. But if candidates prefer to wear saree, then her saree should be neat, well tied and ironed. Better to choose cotton saree instead of any other fabric.

• Also, remember to make a normal hairstyle and if you are wearing shirt pants they wear polished shoes along with your attire. Moreover, during the winter season you can wear a blazer along with a tie. But this is not a compulsory dress code, it’s completely optional.

• By chance if the SSB interview is scheduled just after your GTO tasks and you don’t have time to change, in such a situation you can continue with the dress you have worn for the GTO tasks.

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What dress code is applied to candidates during the conference?

The conference is conducted on the last day of the SSB Interview. Therefore, both male and female candidates are expected to wear classy and formal attire that will enhance your personality and you will feel more active and confident. Make sure to wear polished shoes and female candidates should make proper hairstyle and no hair must come on their face. Also remember to create a lasting impression on the panelist during the conference round with your dressing sense and with your performance. If male candidates can also wear a blazer along with a tie if they want, but make sure you don’t feel uncomfortable or sweaty, else it may spoil your performance.

Instructions for SSB male candidates

Here are some instructions that SSB candidates must follow-

1.Present yourself in a classy way during the SSB interview.

2. Candidates must be clean shaved and hair should be well combed.

3. The color of your shirt must be white along with black trousers or pants.

4. If a candidate wants to wear a blazer the color should be navy blue, gray or black along with the matching tie.

5. Choose clean and polished shoes of black or brown color for personal interview.

6. Mostly, wrist watches are not allowed to wear, but if you get permission then wear a classy and sober watch instead of wearing fashionable watch.

Instructions for SSB female candidates

Just like the male candidates here are some instructions for female candidates, they must follow during the SSB interview are-

1. Female candidates should not choose fancy colors for their attire, instead they must choose light and subtle colors.

2. Candidates have to wear a shirt along with pants but remember it should fit well and you do not feel uncomfortable because of your dress.

3. Also, if you opt for a blazer, then the blazer must be black, brown or gray with a matching tie.

4. Wear formal and comfortable footwear, remember heels more than 3 inches are not allowed. Else you can choose flat footwear.

5. Wearing fashionable watches, chains, rings or earrings are strictly prohibited.

6. Remember the make-up you carry should look neutral and must match with your skin tone. Your nails must be short and clean because nail polish is not allowed.


If you are actually very serious about clearing the SSB Interview, then do not take dress code lightly. Read the instructions related to the Dress Code for SSB Interview seriously and follow them. Avoid getting influenced by other candidates or copying them while dressing up for your tasks. Have faith in yourself and give your best.

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